Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Galway Bay #3

Very #carpark heavy. whatcha expect like?!

Monday, January 02, 2017

Let's not go crazy!

galway christmas market 2016 buzzers
Still via Galway Christmas Market Vid

Here's a little treat to welcome in the new year: I asked, and I have now received a rip of Eric Koston skating to the late Prince's Let's Go Crazy, from the Yeah Right! alternate edits. You crazy for this one Devin :*

You skate with a bag on, holding a boombox one time... This ode to the The Muska™ is bringing back memories. #doubletongues

Sam has a part 2 of clips from our trips to Limerick. Part 1.

Speakin' of which, Cian stretched his legs on St. Stephen's Day.

I can't wait to see Cabbage Skateboards expand into a organic fresh food company that sponsors the likes of Rory Brown.

Skateboarding in 2016.

On a personal note, sound for checkin' this "Skate Blog" over the past year (and since it's beginning). What originally started out as a place to post videos of my friends skateboarding, is still a place to post videos of my friends skateboarding :) I could post more "content" frequently, but sure there is only so much you can post about skateboarding in the wesht of Ireland. I try link to whatever I feel is class, which may be weeks old (and that's very old in this current climate of instant-everything), if you need that up-to-date daily clips type of thing, Gav over @ Skate √Čire has that covered, brilliantly.

 TBH I still don't know what I'm at :P

Who knows what two thousand seventeen will entail, pure strange like, but there'll still be videos from the wesht, more work on our quest to #upgrademillenniumskatepark, keeping dry, and I might expand the Siopa this year - tee's, decks, hot water bottles etc. if the credit union fucks with me.

Stay healthy and keep 'er lit sham, here's a video from 2016...

And here's what happened in 2016 :/

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Scrolling in the Years

2016 deaths actors prince bowie charlie and the chocolate factory dylan rieder harambe irish water galwy buzzers
Worst year ever, until next year.

If you've misplaced your maced purchased Day in the City DVD that came with the Sidewalk mags, they've gathered them all in one place for your viewing pleasure.

Big fans of Booze'n'tits here, so this 'Best of' is nice.

Sam (#onemanmoshpit) has some clips of our recent trips to RAW in Limerick. Chips across from New Spot went down well too.

'Tis the season, someone buy me this, sound.

Agree with Nearly Gnarly that it is winter, so here's a remixed Jake Johnson part from them, and a Instagram compilation from us:

A year and a half of Galway skateboarding captured on potatoes.” - Devin D. Roc-A-Fella

Must bew swuteta! must beh susnnaaa clusssce!...

Friday, December 09, 2016

adidas coffin chav skate funny

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

jack taylor purgatory galway buzzers
Stickers available from the shop, free shipping worldwide ;)

Monday, November 21, 2016

Carpark Season

father ted rain galway buzzers
Looks like winter and Christmas markets, Ted.

Goin' underground again... wait, no, just more frequently. Seriously considering adding #carparks to the Galway Skate Spots Map.


Should've linked to this awhile ago but #life like, Ciar√°n Hughes & friends trip to Paris and its Place de la R√©publique. via Skate√Čire

Don't post L.Ron Berrics sthuff that much, but these 'Shoot All Skaters' thingys are sound. There's also those 'PUSH' yokes, I highly recommend Biebel's episode, it made me want to start taking care of myself...want to.
Wonder if he still smokes pollen ;)

Sham... why? lol

Soz pedestrians, skate and destroy and all that. Modified a bit from @yojiki94

Kingpin has a interview with the designer of that go h√°lainn skate plaza in Spain that did the rounds for awhile, and gave us some ideas for when we #upgrademillenniumskatepark #maroonandwhiteeverything

The 'All Irish Skateboarding Championship' is being put together by ISA @ Wreckless. I'm guessing it'll be a Jam format? More info here sure.

Oh, C'mere! Unlike our skatepark project, John Deely's (DC Store Galway) idea of an indoor skatepark (and other things) is slowly coming to fruition. 'The Vault' - previously 'The Youth Factory', now has a website, with the aim of opening Spring 2017. Class.

SAD is not just a skater fond of an aul towel. Get out there, skate carparks responsibly and take of yourselves.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

skateboard shoe pro knockoff lol

Monday, November 14, 2016

Strange days indeed, lads

eyre square market galway buzzers
RIP winter manny pad

 Strange days indeed, most peculiar, Mama.” - John Lennon and his dog sum up these past couple of days. Just go skate.

Videos you've probably already seen: Antisocial (class soundtrack), Busenitz (feckin' Dill ha), Bobby and Hjalte's 'Looks OK to Me', Flo Marfaing part agus Recent from Reuben & Co.

October in Galway via Sam

Best Irish skateboard company eva like :)

Seriously looks like every skater right now.”- Andrew Reynolds on Hawk's adolescent style choices.

Would'nt mind a bitta that "kitty" ...#upgrademillenniumskateparkdoe

Speaking of which, Shamcam seriously needs an upgrade, can't see nathin' in these edits at night, soz:

P.S. Don't forget your shovel. Sham, idk :P

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Galway Bay #2

Some more leftover craic.

RIP Dylan Rieder.
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