Friday, April 13, 2018

The Great Irish Snowskate of 2018

Our last Nuacht post, 'twas around the time we had that lousy Smarch weather (there's a Simpsons quote for everything). Since we don't get snow that often (its not real snow unless it "sticks" like), a load of fuckers went snow-skating, documented it, and had a class time. Let's remember that feeling by mixing those clips to the only bongo song that matters.

Sound for letting us use your clips XO

Saturday, April 07, 2018

GSA - This is our "training pitch" (Video)

It's 2018, Galway is a city of culture, our wooden toys are an Olympic discipline, and Galway City Council still can't provide a decent concrete park SMH. Well here's a short campaign video from the Galway Skateboard Association, in support of the 'Upgrade Millennium Skatepark' project.

Sign that petition, go on go on go on.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Lousy Smarch Weather

Ireland weather snow beast from the east
It would be incredibly easy to blame lack of updates because of the weather, so I will...

"Beast from the east" aka we had some shnow, has past us. As is customary for these type of weather patterns, skaters up and down the country, rekindled their grá of the "snow-skate" (aka sledboarding, deck the halls... etc). And, judging by the Instagram stories I'd seen, ya all took to the snow and ice more than the previous rare snow falls. See yours truly with @eamonnobct PhD, @rosstagram, and Dublin's @minte1916. Snow-skate Ireland Compilation soon? ;)

You've probably seen Nyjah Huston's video entry for Tokyo 2020 by now, incredible skating obvs, but Ty "Is there anything to be said for another slowmo?" Evans was the filmer and editor, and naturally some shots were hilarious... like that The Nyjah Look™

Speaking of the Olympics, this is old now in "Internet time", but Freeskatemag did a interesting/strange/lol wut? interview with "France's Olympic Skateboarding Coach."
...only twenty skaters will make it to the 'street' contest in the Olympics. That's four per continent. Only four Europeans will take part in the street skating event at the Olympics.” Good luck!

Shout out to my boys Nearly Gnarly, being productive as ever.

Trailer for 'Servants of the State', a Cork scene vid by Sam Curtain.

#upgrademillenniumskatepark news: Not really, Councillors are still being contacted, but their response has slowed. We have had some help in applying for various funding opportunities recently so we'll see where that'll take us. Please keep signing X

Hope you all spat out a forty for William Patrick's Day

P.S. Sidewalk gallery full of #Irishskateboarding photos that have featured in the mag.

P.S.S. lol @ U.S.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Reeling in the year: Galway Buzzers 2017

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A year in review, in a minute :)

Sam has also waved goodbye to 2017 with all the clips he's gathered, which is longer than a minute.

Previously: Scrolling in the years (2016)

P.S. Large shtickers back in stock in the shop X

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

'Go Skateboarding Day' Galway 2017

Mitch school and work, and join us for a veeery last minute event organised for #goskateboardingday

RIP Prodigy

Friday, June 09, 2017

How to kickflip


From Galway Buzzers' King of the Wesht entry last year.

P.S. HBD Sam ;)

Tuesday, May 02, 2017


A short edit introduced by a Shnake oil salesman, to the mumblings of Lil' Uzi Vert.

P.S. Sam's monthly footy offering, April.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Gomey Tricks

Anywann for a game of skate?

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Millennium Skatepark: Motion @ Galway City Council

A bitta news Re:#upgrademillenniumskatepark

After going back and forth with some local councillors, it was recommended to have an emergency section 22 motion for the next Galway City Council meeting (Monday April 10th). If this motion is backed by a majority of councillors (10), it will mean the executive will see how much the project could cost, then revert back to the council for inclusion in the next budget. Class right? well for that to happen, we need YOU to call your local Cllr (details in link) and ask them to back the motion. IF! if this passes, it is a major step towards our overall goal to finally have a concrete skatepark in Galway city that it's community can be proud of :)

REMINDER: Call your council!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

In the name of the father, the son and the holy toast

galway cathedral novena yokes rag 
I can't feel my board! Oh, right, It's still winter. (Pic by ?)

Novena and Rag Week is the same week this year, ya hear about those yokes seized for Rag Week? #alternativefacts sham, they were destined for the Novena, "Body of Christ" is it? C'mon.

Jesus, that Irish Invasion was 10 years ago! The second coming - albeit smaller in size, set sail in Jan. and have uploaded their spoils: Skate Éire Go Pro, Danny Cam, Reuben cam.

Fuck Skate4, gonna be tapping around a rainy Galway on me phone :p

~ Far east vibes ~ Gino pushin' ~ Javier Sarmiento remixed ~

#upgrademillenniumskatepark Nuacht: They just downgraded it that bit further. sound.

Lastly, another monthly offering from Samuel, featuring #rubbish and an improvised stair sesh thanks to our dearly missed shiny friend, metal sheet:
Have a blessed week! 🙏